Poking Dead Things  

Bringing the dead new life through art

Be Curious,

Poke Dead Things!

Art for the spooky at heart! We don't harm any animals in the making our jewelry It's a constant search for dead, decaying... and rotting things in the woods and on the side of the road.  Bugs and the elements take care of the gooey bits to get things started.   Then the bones are soaked for weeks in vats of water with eco-friendly cleaning agents.  Next the bones are painstakingly scrubbed, sterilized, thoroughly dried and sealed before becoming wearable art for you. We want to share these amazing structures made by nature with you. Other natural elements are used in the making of our jewelry such as seeds, pinecones, flower buds, stones and whatever else we find in nature that's pleasing to the eye. We choose to keep the natural patina on bones instead of bleaching them white, it helps to tell their story. We hope you see the beauty in things that most people overlook or turn away from.
Thank you!